The Timed Dogfight

ScreenShot Image : The Timed Dogfight - Third person view 3D aerial shooter game for Silverlight®

The Timed Dogfight is a compact third person view 3D plane shooter game designed for Microsoft® Silverlight®. Enjoy virtual realistic dogfights versus computer-controlled enemy fighters on vast aerial stages in the skies over natural landscapes.

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How-to-Play Instructions

stage # of enemies
Sea of Cloud 5
Marshland 6
Desert 7
Coral Islands 8

Choose a stage on title window to begin a flight for dogfight. Pilot your fighter by mouse actions — using motions of mouse-pointer for control-stick operation and mouse-clicking for manchine-gun-fire — and shoot down enemy planes as many as possible within the time limit of 300 seconds. The challenging level of game-play slightly varies from stage to stage in the number of enemy planes in their flight-formation and for the assault level they take to your fighter.

Game-Play Results

Screen-shot Image : The Timed Dogfight - Third person view 3D flight combat game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

The dogfight gets over, either when the time is up or when your plane get shot down by enemies' bullets. And a detailed report about your game-play will be displayed, which contains flight time, damages of your plane, number of enemy planes shot down, number of gunfire and total rating of your dogfight. The rating is determined primarily by the convolutions of the number of planes you'd shot down and the damage-percentages of your plane.

You can obtain a copy of your gameplay results in text format by clicking on COPY link button. Share your results on your websites, blogs, public profiles of social networking services or forums in your favorite internet communities. Compete with your friends and have fun more!

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have questions to be put here, please write an email to the contact address through "feedback" link in the footer of this web-page.

Appendix A: Tips about Shooting

Tips for the Timed Dogfight - Third person view 3D flight combat game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

Can't shoot down enemies at all? Here is a summary of "how to shoot down enemy fighters well" that is learned through tons of test plays. —— A basic way to shoot down enemies effectively and safely is to shoot them from back. Check radar frequently and control your fighter well trickily so that you can catch the behind of an enemy fighter. And fire toward a right direction as shown in the figure. It's important to take finite bullet-speed into account and expect actual bullet trajectory from your own fighter to the target.

Appendix B: Fighter Aircraft Specifications

* The parameters above are used in aerodynamical calculations and three dimensional bullet hittests in the game. Both your fighter and an enemy fighter have exactly the same specifications and performance (such as damage capability, minimum intervals of machine-gun-fire and bullet-speed).


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